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Traffic Signs   Mandatory Signs
Traffic signs - enforement and warning types. They can be made from various materials but mostly from metal sheet since they are usually used outdoor.
Mandatory, warning, fire evacuation and assistant signs are made from many kind of material such as metal or plastic sheet. We also provide bare sticker for customer to apply onto their buildings.
Floor Standing Signs   Safety Signs
Retractable floor-standing signs for various types of warnings.
Safety signs, statistic board made from zinc-plated metal sheet or alumimum. Removable letter plate could be provided with the sign board.
Translation Service   Valve Identification
Translation service for business, business letter, warning signs, equipment manuals, installation manuals, user manuals.
These tags can be made from plastic, two-layer plastic, and metals such as stainless, alumimum. Both engraving, silk-screen can be provided.
NamePlate&Etching   Cutting Services
Our name plate is made from stainless, alumimum, brass, or two-layer plastic and can be acid-etched, anodized, and laser engraved.
Cutting, stamping and fold-up as letter and logos service is available. Letters made from marble, granite are possible. Color painting mask can also be provided.
Print&Silks creen   Accessories
Printing and silk-screen printing service onto various materials such as vinyl, sticker, grass, acrylic, wood, metal sheet.
Accessories needed for construction sites, factories such as safety flags, traffic cones, traffic flashlight, baffle, safety helmet, restrict area tape.
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