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We have collected very frequently asked questions here below:

Q: What are prices of the provided signs?
A: Price depends on size, material, and complexity of each sign. In general, better material such as aluminum is sold at higher price but customer will get far more durable signs that lasts longer (compare to metal sheet). Price guideline are provided in this website. <Click here for price guideline.>

Q: What materials are avilable?
A: For standard signs, major materials are zinc-plated metal sheet and aluminum. Both materials serve well in normal application. However, alumimum, at slightly higher price, lasts longer beautifully since metal sheet (although zinc-plated) may get rusted at the point where cutting is made.

Q: Is the sign reflective? What material is used if I need reflective surface?
A: We select world-class light-reflective material from top manufacturer for our traffic signs. This material has high reflectance and long field life (4-5 years). For users that light-reflection is not required, we use other material but still from world's best manufacturers.

Q: Do you service long-distance customers?
A: Of cause. Nowadays we also have remote and overseas customers. If not too big in size, these signs can be shipped via both post or private transportation services. Payment can be done by money transfer. Please contact us for more detail but this is what we are doing everyday.

Q: How about delivery time?
A: Basically, we keep stock for some standard signs. However, if they are out of stock, manufacturing cycle time uncluding final quality check take 2-3 days. For non-standard signs, manufacturing time depends on its complexity of the signs. Customers are welcome to contact us regarding this in detail.

Q: How to install these signs?
A: Standard signs whose sizes are not too big can be installed using holding equipment. This holding equipment can be provided by us (with some additional cost). Installation is as easy as fixing your car's license plate.

Q: I need sign of my design. Can you provide that?
A: Many times, customers need special signs (customer may or may not provide design for it). If we can support their requirements under our quality standard, we will do it for our customers.

Q: Do you support government jobs?
A: We also have government's department customers. In fact, we are more than happy to work for government offices and departments.

Q: I still have some doubt, what should I do?
A: Please contact our experienced staffs for further customer services. Please click "Contact Us" above or <click here>

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